Happy 30th birthday to me

#30: Live, Love, Laugh

So I made it to the big 30!!! Pop ma bodlela🥂🍾💃 it’s a celebration. I can only thank God for being my shepherd and keeping me till this age. I’m so ready for my next decade. It is all by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ indeed.

So here it is…30 things I’ve learned in 30 years summed up in this post….

  1. Family is important
  2. Friends come and go
  3. Good people do bad things
  4. Not everyone will like you
  5. Know & count your blessings
  6. There will be lonely days, it doesnt last forever
  7. Regret carries no curse
  8. Accept yourself not your realities
  9. Love your enemies & your frenemies
  10. Forgive yourself
  11. Friends will derail you
  12. Confusion is the art of learning the difference
  13. Dont always expect a “thank you”
  14. Lust covers itself as love
  15. Only you can control your happiness
  16. Mistakes are a part of life
  17. Rejection is your injection
  18. Success is pre-determined but not pre-existant in our lives
  19. Forgive but dont forget the injuries
  20. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity
  21. Be humble, always
  22. There’s a higher power working in all of us
  23. Love will find you
  24. Parenting is unique for each one of us
  25. Create boundaries
  26. Have a relationship with Jesus Christ
  27. Don’t kick the ladder down
  28. Life is a blessing
  29. Learn, grow & experience
  30. Live, Love, Laugh

Happy 30th birthday 💌 wishing the woman I’m becoming nothing but the best of Gods love. May she find her path as she navigates through the next decade to be in alignment with the Will of God. Wishing her nothing but the very best.



30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#29: Learn, Grow and Experience

Life is an oyster of growth and a source of knowledge for all experience needed. What knowledge cannot give us, experience will teach us.

Today is my new year’s eve, the end of my 29th year and I cannot be more blessed to have experienced life so far. My 20s have been a rollercoaster ride of love, loss, pain, gain and growth. I believe our 20s are suppose to be filled with uncertainties and deviations, turns and circles because life’s most crucial lessons are learned in our 20s.

Many of my friends are wondering what the plan is for my big day and it’s unfortunate that I disappoint them because what my spirit desires has over powered what my flesh wants. I’m at a point in my life of feeding my spirit above the expectation of many. All I long to do on my big day is spend it at a quiet place just me and Holy Spirit indulging in a secret conversation about my life. If God could tell Daniel secrets of things to come then I believe the Holy Spirit given to me has the Power and Authority to reveal to me things concerning my life.

Happy new years eve to me

I am Zanele Prudence Ndlovu and I turn 30 years old tomorrow 12.11.18


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#27: Don’t kick the ladder down

If there’s ever a prayer I’m consistent in, is that God please bless me not to shine and hold up the spotlight but that I become a blessing to others. I need to open opportunities in my life that will form a ladder for others to climb.

Everytime I get a new challenge, the first thing I ask myself is how will it benefit those connected to me? You see, it’s one thing to be successful but it’s an incredible achievement to grow others to succeed.

Sarah Jake’s-Roberts puts it this way; “Let us not be comfortable in one level that we limit God of what He can do for us in the next level”. Basically what she’s saying is that, just because you have reached a certain level of success today doesn’t mean there is not another miracle God is bringing to you.

To move from one level to another you will always need a ladder to climb on. And most times the very ladder you used to climb on can be used for the next level, it’s called Exeprience. Do not kick down the ladder, pull it up in order to climb to the next level but be careful not to deprive your followers the opportunity to climb with you.

I have recently learned that there are so many products but no producers. What it means is that we all want the success but we don’t want to be success producers. We don’t want to teach others to be successful. We dont want to become producers of successful people.

I pray that as I grow God helps me to align everything I do to His will in order for me to become a ladder for everything and everyone connected to me to reach their God driven destinies.

I will always leave a ladder behind me.


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#26: Have a relationship with Jesus Christ

God orchestrates all things and keeps all things together.

It was not until I learned to love my source, my creator, author of my life that life began to have meaning. I began to have the boldness to pick up the broken pieces and watch God place them not where I wanted them to be but where they were meant to be at the very beginning. He placed pieces of me in places that birthed from down inside of me a purpose only He could have established.

I wont go into detail of what God has done for me in this 30years but I will say that I’m at peace because Jesus is my Prince of Peace. The content nature isn’t a human factor but a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Deuteronomy 28: 1-14 is my list of blessings. (Hope you get time to go through them yourself) There is power in knowing your blessings. Understanding that every morning God seeks to give you life in abundance. I have seen worst days in my life but best of all I have seen a Grace I dont deserve being placed over my life. God’s Mercy endures forever. No matter how knocked down, out of the game, dispensable, totalled out you may think you are, the life of Jesus is able to bring you back. His resurrection is our resurrection.

He is the Alpha and Omaga.

The Way, the Truth and the Life.

If it wasnt for the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be here today.


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#25: Create boundaries

People have a tendency to be up close in your business. Taking your vulnerability as an advantage for them to claim your life. Allowing everybody in our midst can be detrimental to our health. Finding who we are becomes dependant on what those close to us have to say.

Boundaries give people around us limits. It shows them just how far they can get to us. What they may say and not say. Boundaries create a “what I allow from you and what I dont”. We ought to draw the line in order to save who we are and our destinies.

People can’t just have me. They can’t just have an opinion over my life. I set limits.

Who I am. What I become, rests upon what I allow into my space.


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#24: Parenting is unique for each one of us

After I had my first son, advices and opinions flowed from all sides. From family to small casual groupies to clinic visits. Everyone seems to know just how to have me function raising my child. Books teach you a linear stream of what is raising a normal child. It’s too overwhelming for a first time parent and often accompanied by a lot of mistakes and anxiety of trying to fit what might not be normal to what society expect it to be.

I have 2 boys now, aged 7 and 3 respectively. My 7year old just turned 7 on the 3rd of November. Both my sons are healthy but individually different. After the overwhelming effect of being a first time mom, I made a decision that for my kids as long as medically they are healthy I will raise them up my way, the best way I can. So when I had my second son my husband met my thoughts half way; we excluded peoples opinion of what is normal in raising a child and raise our kids as unique individuals.

Every child is different and each one requires a different set of unique upbringing. 2 boys I have. One very soft spoken and gentle at heart and the other very hyperactive and stubborn. Unique as they are they blend our family pretty well bringing both characters in to the warmth of our family. People can’t seem to understand the softness of one’s heart and some find him greatly comforting in his politeness. Some people find my hyperactive one tiring (I also do sometimes) at times and his stubbornness funny for his age. These evaluations of people give me even more confidence to continue giving my kids their unique upbringing only teaching them the way of life in respect and love.

So while preparing to raise your child from a magazine book consider that your child might just not fall in to the group of what is normal. Do not take away the pleasure of exploring your child’s character because a magazine article tells you what should and should not happen at what stage. Kids grow and adapt differently.

Give yourself the benefit of a doubt that you are a good parent to authentically unique healthy happy children.

We don’t go to school to learn to raise kids. It’s a God given ability instilled in each everyone of us men and women alike. We just have to give ourselves over to the little lives depending on us to give them directions.


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#23: Love 💞 will find you

After kissing so many frogs I eventually met my prince charming. This love thing is not easy to find when we are unsure of what exactly we are looking for ourselves. I must say, love found me when I least expected it to. Shipwrecked and broken. However before I could be loved I learned to love myself. To love the broken pieces of me.

That’s the strange thing about love. It comes when we learn to appreciate ourselves with all our filth and brokenness. Somehow I believe that love is first meant to be self sufficient before it can be shared. You cannot give what you do not have.

Taking time out to heal helps you restore your heart.

Taking time to observe yourself helps you identify your pain.

Taking time to trace your past helps you trace the patterns of your choices.

Establishing what hurt you, how it hurt you and in some cases why it happened helps to strengthen your weaknesses and brush your strengths.

Love is always lying in wait for the one equipped to handle it, build on it and protect it. Love is everything it can be, but it is not confused and unsure.


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#22: There’s a higher power working in all of us

10years back if anyone were to tell me that there’s a higher power working in my life for my good I wouldn’t believe it. I guess when you have seen the unfairness of life you stop believing for better days and just live life as it comes. Whether there was a power working over my life for my good or not it didnt matter at that time because everything that I thought was for my good turned out not to be good after all.

Fast forward to today…. I can’t help but thank this higher power because even in my unbelief in it, that power never stopped working over my life one page at a time. What didn’t make sense then, makes sense today. What I lost then, I gained alot more than I lost now.

It’s true all things do work together for good, this first part of the verse makes sense but it goes on to say… to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose… this second part got me a little bewildered. Not that I didnt love God but I didn’t have much of a connection to say I could have a call or purpose over my life. I believe we all possess some form of love for God through the Holy Spirit given to us at conception however understanding of this spirit only comes when we have a connection with the Lord by confessing that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, He died on the cross and was raised up on the 3rd day. He is seated on the right hand side of the Father advocating for us daily.

I thank God that He never stopped looking over my life and His power has kept me safe for all these years. Today I’m proud to have a life long connection to my King, my Savior, my Master, my Deliverer. I love my Jesus Christ. The power that never stops!


30 Things I’ve learned in 30years

#21: Be humble, always

My mother is one of the most humble person I have ever known. I’m not quite sure if any of her girls had inherited her such character. Growing up it used to bother me just how humble she was. Sometimes, too close to being over näive or probably playing plain stupid. I must admit there were moments when I used to think my mom as someone who couldn’t stand up for herself.

It was her 60th birthday a year ago and throwing her a party made me realise that her humble character may have caused us alot of pain with people walking all over us as a family but it did teach us that not every battle needs our attend, not every arguement needs our response and best of all no one deserves our explanation. Every battle she had left unattended was attended by God on her behalf. She never lost a fight. The very people who tried to break her are the same people today who call on her for a shoulder to lean on.

Everyone who knows my mother knows her humbleness and kindness. She has never had herself compromised just to prove something. Whatever people said about her she never tried to correct.

It’s not my problem what people say about me. What is my business to attend is how I respond to what is being said. But either I respond or not people will always talk. But the truth always prevails.

– Mrs L.S Thobela (Mom)

God is not a man that He should lie. Nor is He a son of man that He should change His mind. – Numbers 23:19

Who God says we are is all that people need to know about us and if we cannot explain ourselves to them, the best way to show them is to remain true to who God says we are.

My mother celebrates her 61st birthday the 28th of November and I couldn’t be more thankful to have such an amazing woman to call my mother. I pray that as I grow older I can possess her humbleness and strength and wisdom to allow God to always be in the midst of my life and battles.

A tribute to my mother!!!