Pursuing Purpose

If we are to align ourselves with purpose, we need to bring ourselves to understanding how the world functions and the cycle of life.

It is so easy to say I have a purpose and I’m doing my own thing. But when the realities of life and the critic specialists start hitting hard, “doing you”stops, and you sob in the discomfort of negative criticism. When “doing you”, repels you from friends and peers and you lose their support, you are drawn into thinking what you are doing is not impressive, inspiring or attractive enough.

So, you give up and settle for normal in the name of “no one supports me”. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. It happens to me too. No one reads my posts, comments, shares or even give feedback. My friends don’t. My family doesn’t. So why even bother?!

But I have recently learnt the 3 critical A’s for which I am drawing myself to. These A’s are helping me navigate my purpose focusing on the 1 like, 1 comment, instead of worrying about the 1000 silent people on my friendlist.

It is paramount that if you are going to pursue something you are called to, a vision, a dream or anything you are passionate about, that you focus and grasp these A’s for your own success and peace.

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The 3 A’s are: Accept. Acknowledge. Account.

1. Accept

Accept that not everyone is going to support you or your vison. Accept that there are negative people out there whom because of their own regress and failures will want to draw you into their negativity and discourage you from pursuing your purpose. Accept this fact. Accept that you will have to ride with what you believe within yourself. No motivation. No cheering you on. But only what is inside of you.

There’s a post I wrote Not everyone will like you that stamps this up for me.

2. Acknowledge

Acknowledge that there will always be someone better than you, someone more enthusiastic, more successful, more beautiful than you. There will always be someone ahead of you and that is okay. We all need someone to look up to, someone to inspire us, motivate us. Someone who paves the way for us to see the possibilities of the journey we are in. Someone who has broken the boundaries of negativity and criticism and made it through. We need such people. Acknowledging them will help us grow in our own lane and path and keep us focused on the ladder ahead than the mess around.

3. Account

We need to take account for our mistakes, failures, success and turns. Our parents can be blamed up to a certain point in our lives, but in adulthood taking account is key, being responsible for our decisions is growth. So we need to account for every adult mess we put ourselves in. When we account for what failed we are able to give ourselves a pat on the back for what worked! That is being accountable for our lives. In failure and in success.

We will never know how good we are until we pass through the negative criticism of our purpose because that’s the stage where we can either grow or diminish.

Zanele Ndlovu

Every step forward, every level has its own demon. Each day brings its own challenges. Keep the 3 A’s in check and keep doing you!

I discuss these 3 A’s on my podcast, I appreciate you taking your time to listen. Thank you in advance.

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Touch Base. “Pick me up”

Modern social life has taught us to either be common or disappear.

We get caught up with what is socially acceptable and popular over who we truly and uniquely are. Today’s generation desires more social likes over self-likes. It is no longer about how I feel about myself, but how the world accepts me.

I had a pretty hard reality check myself, I must admit this quarantine days have been a time in my busy life to take a moment and reflect and touch base with who I am. Spending time alone is important so that you can at moments check yourself whether your life has you in it or some other people.

Yes your life can be more about others than yours. When all we do on a day to day basis is about the other person then it’s no longer our lives we live.

Most of my life has been about making someone else happy, validated, revived, and restored. Yeah sure it’s good to offer someone else all these things but not at the expense of emptying yourself and not ever recharging.

“you cannot give what you do not have.”

So always take time out to do some self-introspection. Reassess, realign, and refresh.

I came up with these 3 “PICK ME UP” pointers that I will be using to reassess myself occasionally whenever I take breaks to touch base with myself.


  1. What do I like to do the most?

Make a list of the things that give you the greatest pleasure when doing them. Your interests, passion, what gives you excitement and fulfillment? List them out, keep them in your notebook, or with your important notes, somewhere where they will be easily visible to you to remind you of the things that define you and the things you like to do.

  1. How often do I spend time doing these things?

Do I spend time at all doing any of the things on my list? Can I turn someone else down over doing what I want or do I overlook your interest to accommodate someone else’s interest? Group the list by priority and monitor how much time you dedicate to fulfilling the activities and passions.

  1. Does my environment give me room to do any of these things?

Do friends, and family give room to be myself and do what I like? My spouse, does he give me room to do the things that make me happy? Or does the environment suppress, bind or sabotage me. Allowing me to do only what they suggest I should do. Do the people around me support and allow me to live uniquely myself?

These are the 3 PICK ME UP pointers to help assess if we are spending time being and doing us, doing me, becoming the best unique person I am. Liking myself and what I do.

Give it a try yourself, touch base with yourself, and pick yourself up with these pointers and find realignment to who you are and express yourself uniquely.

I’d like to hear from you how they have helped you find your purpose again and opened your eyes to the type of environment around you.

I discuss much deeper about the PICK ME UP pointers on my podcast is life general part 2//pick me up subscribe Now!

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Love. Z*

How about a fresh start?

Since my last post “Daily Planner“, I have had a lot to think about. Honestly my blogging didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Somewhere along the bridge, I lost it, I’m only human! There’s no point in wallowing in the errors of the past but it’s time to get to the glitch of things.

The only question that kept popping up in my mindful conversation was this one:

How about a fresh start?

Quitting is not an option, a fresh start sounds good. I owe myself and my readers that much at least!!

So, guys, I will be going through a revamp personally and socially as well! I promise to give you what my blog truly is all about….. “TRANSFORMATION.”

With that said.., I have some news to announce. I’m so excited to announce the start of my podcast called….yeah you guessed it… “The Transformation by Zanele Ndlovu

It is already available on different podcast platforms. Please do subscribe, thank you in advance.

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The first episode aired on Monday 11-05-2020.

This is all a part of my new start journey. Transformation is a process and a lot goes in during a process. Understanding how I view life will help in finding the right path to my transformation process.I’ve been working on some of my own transformation techniques and I can’t wait to share with you guys.I’m eager to know what your answer is:

Do you think about life in general?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay blessed.🌹

Zanele Ndlovu*

Daily Planner

I’m not much of a planner, well except when planning a vacation with my boys but otherwise I’m not much of a personal daily activity planner. I just go by as the day approaches.

I know this sounds disturbing for a blogger, but this explains my lack of consistency and content. I am more of a spontenous person, i think and write immediately. However, if I am being honest, this kind of lifestyle has not given me much peace with what I hope to achieve blogging. And not only blogging, but in life.

Planning for the day ahead is important, it limits chaos, it prevents being too busy occupied yet not productive (that’s most definitely me), it allows one to prioritise and manage time effectively. Daily planning helps one develop consistency and is a performance evaluator. It gives purpose to the day ahead and focus to an individual.

Like I said, I am not a daily planner or organiser nor do I own a diary or day planner file but…. with the results of my poor time management skills and unproductive chaos in my life, I am desperately seeking to get myself into organising what i wish to do and not just think it and then brush it off when something else comes up. I NEED THIS CHANGE!

But where do I begin?

I’d like to know how you diarize your day or plan your day. What is in your daily planner?

What guidelines can I can follow to get started?

Do I really need to get a diary or daily planner file?


Invisible Miracle

I’ll be honest, blogging hasn’t been on my mind since the beginning of 2019, and it’s still a bit hard to get back into it. Not that I have none to share but rather I’m wondering how much can you take of my truth!

It’s been rough!! Like really rough! Unexplainably rough!

It’s been tough, sad at times but mostly waking up each morning kind_of_tough.

But one thing I rejoice over, is that I’m still breathing, im still alive. I’ve been given yet another chance to give this life thing more of me. But drawing strength from pain I must say is one of the heaviest things I’ve learned to endure.

Last year I shared my surviving an ectopic pregnancy, well not even a year later I had the displeasure of facing yet another storm of ectopic. Now going through it once, that I can live with. But a second time? Now that’s plain unfair!!

My doctor said after the first that my chances of a second ectopic were 1 out of 10 and that’s because I’ve already had 2 natural successful pregnancies and no history of miscarriages, so you can imagine how much of a suprise this was….

For me…

For my husband.

I won’t go into detail of what the experience had been like but I will say this, I’m no longer the the naive girl I used to be. I’m stronger, wiser and I’m brave.

On the 31st of Decmeber 2019 I recieved a word from the Holy Spirit

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 NLT

Now this is an awesome command, I couldn’t wait to see what’s in store for me for the year ahead, hoping for better than the previous year!

BOOM!!! 3 month later, I’m losing my second and last fallopian tube! Still these words ring so loud in my heart but I’m hurting, my reality has changed, I want to trust you Lord but I’m hurting! I’m angry! I’m sad! I’m exhausted!!

It’s been a rough start for me and my husband but the support and love he continue to show eachother is amazing. I love the man God gave me. I love him dearly.

Parts of me may be gone but my hope is in the name of the Lord. He said I must trust Him and not depend on my understanding, my reality, my thoughts or how I perceive this situation. He was God before this and He is still God even now.

The miracle in all this is Love.

Love gives strength to fight another day.

Love embraces the wounds as it band aids it.

Love from God is peace.

Love through God is affection.

Each day I unfold the miracles of my life. I still hurt, share a tear now then, but I’m Loved by God and my family.

I could have lost my life twice but hey, hey, I’m still here. So devil you have got to try harder because right now you’ve been TKO!!!

I thank God for life.


Silent cry

I feel so tired and worn out, not physically but emotionally.

I don’t have any stress or worries, I really dont know what’s wrong.

I feel void of something, something deep and sincere.

I feel like I need a break but i don’t know from what.

I feel like shouting but shout for what?

These days I’m quiet because I’m trying to listen to my inner voice, perhaps giving myself some me time, listening to my own thoughts and screams can help shed some answers.

I’m quiet because what my lips say and what I feel dont agree. I want to say I’m not okay but my lips lie.

I sometimes want to cry but I’m not hurt, I’m just emotional.

My spirit is in longing and I doubt anyone can ever understand how it feels to be completely surrounded by love and support and still feel void, drained and confused.

I silently sit, bow my head, shut my eyes, waiting on the Lord to search my heart and see my anxieties.



“What we are comfortable with, we are unable to change.” – Zanele Thobela-Ndlovu

I can’t thank God enough for His sufficient grace.

2009 I completed my 3year degree in Diagnostic Radiography.
2019 I completed my 3year qualification in Ministerial Studies.

In between, Life happened…

I have learned,

I have been crushed,

I have been embarrassed, ashamed, criticized, sworn death over,

I have hurt others,

I have been hurt by others,

I started an NPO,

I have loved and I have been loved,

I have produced 2 wonderful boys,

Married my best friend.

I lost friends and family, I gained new friends and family.

And best of all, I had the opportunity to give my life to Jesus Christ and privilege to have my life reintroduced to myself through Jesus Christ once again.

There is nothing I could have done or achieved without God always being on my side even when I didn’t know and realise, His Faithfulness, His hand has always been over my life.

A whole 10 chapters closed. A decade of Life and good health.


Mishandled but usable

There are instances where you really know what you want to do, to become and how effective you can be. Then… there are instances when you just feel incapable of doing anything.

Both these instances have been a part of my rollercoaster ride this year, purposely positioning myself yet feeling offline, not knowing what I’m created to do or become. It sounds as complicated as it makes me feel.

While I’ve had an emotional ride through an ectopic pregnancy, I’ve also had a spiritual encounter. The sound of purpose makes everyone excited but the cost of it makes everyone turn to focus on the easily doable, manageable tasks, like just doing me. Lol. Yeah I’d rather sob on being just me with a purpose mishandled than to push myself to be usable for the purpose itself. You see when the heart isn’t right, the tool for purpose to be launch gets mishandled.

I dramatically set myself to be mishandled, well I guess it’s easier to make excuses for not being purposeful than to know there’s a price to pay for being called.

I’ve mishandled myself so many times, sometimes I feel like I purposely do it just to set God off finding me usable. Emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually and psychologically I have mishandled myself and people have mishandled me but then God…

Gideon replied, “But Lord, how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least important member of my family.” The Lord answered, “You can do it because I will help you. You will crush the Midianites as easily as if they were only one man.”
Judges 6:15‭-‬16 GNT

God reminded me that though I’m mishandled I’m still usable only in the hands of Him who knows what tool I am.

Your life may seem mishandled by your past but that’s because every person including yourself didn’t know how to use or handle you.

God knows. He created you for the sole purpose of Him using you in His Kingdom.


2019, Lights Up

“Shadow down the errors of 2018 and light up the possibilities of a new year” – Zanele

Like any other year the hope of a new year is that it produces better and great things than the previous year encounters.

Flashing back to the year gone, I recall greatly the test of watching my husband by his bed side in severe pain. Never in our 14years of friendship and 2 years of marriage have I ever seen him in so much agony. But I thank God we managed to pass through this test and our faith grew strongly and so did our marriage.

The greatest reality check that 2018 gave me is that life is shorter than a blink of an eye. I have learned to treasure time, family, friends and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is a gift, so live it to the fullest, make memories. Live. Laugh. Love.

Happy new year🎉

May 2019 light you up so brightly that everything and everyone connected to you see nothing but God’s glorious ways and standard.


Your pain has your blessing

Do you know that God has already cursed everything that tries to derail you from a path He has destined for you?
Do you know that God has already spoken a generational blessing over your pain?
Though you may be walking and limping with a bruised heel, a bruised ego, a bruised self-esteem, a bruised confidence there is a word spoken out against your pain, against your giant, against your enemy…the enemy lost the battle the minute he came after you.

So the Lord God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, You are cursed more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you shall go, And you shall eat dust All the days of your life.
Genesis 3:14 and read also verse 15

As we are about to launch into the new year I would like to remind you that in the beginning of time God already placed you in position of eternal blessing. You are who God has chosen to bring about a blessing that will take your generation to the next level, generational curses will be broken, depression cant have you, addictive will leave you because you are showered through your pain with a blessing that shakes hell.