Surviving the darkest time in my life.

I know all too well the changes of friendship to strangers. I have mingled myself into those types for way too long. When life throws you challenges, you’re exposed to who exactly is your friend by their willingness to stick it out with you through hardships.

When my older sister P* (will call her P for now) went into training to be a traditional healer, I experienced an overturn of lifestyle. The minute I saw relatives walk out on us I knew friends wouldn’t stay either. It was too hectic of a time and no one wanted to be attached with such activities. Needless to say that many of the people that get too dramatic about such traditions at some stage in their lives they have fallen into the trap of consulting one or two traditional healers themselves- but hey what happens in the dark stays in the dark,right?

Anyways, the journey was tough. Watching myself in action and wondering if for real there’s a God in this world, has He not had enough of this? Why is He not rescuing us from the curse? At that time I was merely a church goer, my spirit longed for salvation but my fears convinced me that my traditions wouldn’t earn me the favor that God has given to those born of Christian families – so I endulged on what I knew best then- tradition.

It was a kind-of a confusion upbringing and like I said on my previous post Pieces of me, I don’t blame my mother at all, she did all she knew best. Monday to Saturday was okay to practice tradition and still go to church on Sunday- I know alot of people who lived that way too so it was kinda a norm, I thought.

But the heat of losing friends did get the better of me and not to mention the neighbours that stopped talking to us, called us names and some would spit right in front of us – hectic. Some posted on Facebook captioned ” witchcraft” after a cleansing ceremony that took place at my home.

Amazing how in the mist of all this judgements and hate, as a family we were strengthened and as sisters we learned to depend more on each other like never before. One special memory I will cherish forever, it was a Saturday morning and my sister had just seen a post on Facebook about her and she couldn’t contain herself. She was in tears, grieving, wondering what She ever did to deserve this. Of all my mom’s daughters she was the least one when it came to luck but we always had her back. I sat down with her in her new one room that mom built for her behind our home to practice her tradition things and engage with her patients in. We held hands, cried together. I spoke: we will get through this together sis. Her response was can you pray with me…

I knew right that moment that this wasn’t a life for us. It all didn’t make sense, what we thought would heal her, crippled her and deep in her heart she had the desire for prayer- there must be a supernatural force more powerful than what we were customed to.

We lost friends, relatives and neighbours in the experience. I know all too well about frienemies. But I know alot more about surviving a storm.

Today my sister P* is a born again Christian and so am I. God heard our prayer on that particular day, though it wasn’t and and still not and easy journey we finally getting to a place in our life where we know who we are in Christ and that…. that is the goal of life.

I know it’s a lengthy post and thank you if you have made it this far.

P.S. God has an assignment with your life. He heard your prayers and He knows your longing and desires. Don’t give up on God even in darkness there’s a light – you!


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