Recap: The Vacation…

Hello Family…. So happy to finally be back though I do wish I could replay the whole of last week… So here’s the ins and outs of what took place last week.

Our check-in was at Cabanas hotel Suncity North West. What a beautiful place. From the entrance of multiple boom gates you could just see that you are entering a place of total relaxation and enjoyment. Sun city gives a beach experience yet situated in the inlands. Our first night was kindof a dry-run. A dry-run is a term my husband uses alot in relation to his work method. He drives alot out of town and a day before his mission he does a dry-run which is to go around a particular area to get familiar with the area and learn all routes that will be travelled on the day of the mission.

So yeah…we did a dry-run and went to sun central (the entertainment centre) just to browse around so we can plan what to do for the next couple of days we would be there.

Tuesday morning came, we enjoyed a beautiful baffet breakfast at the hotel and set out for a day of adventure. The one thing I loved the most was the shuttle services. Every 20mins there’s a shuttle that takes you anywhere you want to go in suncity, so we could really be relaxed and cuddle our way to the adventure/beach site.

Our first adventure site was the maze of the lost city – we pay to get lost in a maze, as my husband puts it. However it was a beautiful game testing our patience for each other while getting lost in the maze. The finish was a bar set up under a large stretch tent with beers one couldn’t event pronounce nor familiar with ( I don’t drink alcohol so I wasn’t disappointed about it anyways).

From the maze we made our way to the valley of the waves – the ultimate goal for being at suncity- the beach experience with alot of water slide activities.

Our 2nd adventure was a chimp and zee rope adventure. For 500meters around the valley of the waves you walk on rope with different obstacles to go through and at some stations you zip line across. It was a scary experience but we did it, me and hubby made it through to the last zip line….yepeee!

Setting ourselves up for adventure was the craziest but best thing we did. Moving on to water slide activities – all I can say is that I can scream 🤣😂

To cut the lengthy article our first day was a complete adventure mode.

The next day we were more relaxed. Indulged ourselves in the waves and swimming a bit then relaxed on sand under the sun with our books and drowned in some reading for a while, 1hour to be precise then we were back in the water and water slides.

Back at the hotel we’d sit by the pool late evenings and just watch the stars and give in to the cool breeze. It was a session of total let go of self and allowing nature to impose it’s ability of a relaxed mode over us.

Our check out was on a Thursday and we left so relaxed and planning our second visit this time with kids, they will love the freedom this place will give them.

We enjoyed expressing our love there and it was a great first time experience for the both of us.

I rate this place a beautiful 5tars from services to activities. Thank you suncity – see you again soo.


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