Review: Black Panther (Wakanda)

I’m probably late with this movie review, however the way it was orchestrated even with repeated views there’s always a new revelation that comes from it.

I promised a movie review when I got back from my holiday to my Facebook family and so here’s what I caught from the movie, it’s a short review and only my opinion…

Not overlooking the beautiful demonstration of how the Africa culture was displayed. I was more intrigued by the tech – the revolution on future technology.

For me I was mostly touched by the science skill. To see the African content be part of high class quality science and technology gives hope that there’s a beautiful direction we moving to and the addition of history to it, is a reminder that we should never forget where we come from.

#Wakanda forever.

The directors of the film couldn’t have gotten any other better person than Letitia Wright playing the role of Shuri the young technologist…..she nailed this role! She’s a pure demonstration a young generation respecting culture but also not denying evolution to take place. And her character humor was out if this world. 😂😂😂

So yeah that’s my highlight on this movie and I can watch it again and again and never get bored of it, just like my childhood favourite movie Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy.

#BlackPanther #Wakanda


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