At his bedside…

I thought I’d cry

I thought I’d give up the fight

Would I ever be prepared?

Would I make a perfect support system?

Is my faith strong enough to withstand the toils of life?

Is this the through sickness and health moment?

Are there many more days like this?

I wonder…

Here I am.

With nothing to give

I hold my hand out

His hand reaches to mine

Our eyes locked at each other as we make a profound statement at each other’s hearts.

It was a wordless moment. But our hearts spoke.

Together we are in this.

In this we are together.

And I watched him fall asleep as I sat down beside his hospital bed. His breathing was all that remained as the sedative medication kicked in.

I know now, I’m strong and capable.


2 thoughts on “At his bedside…”

  1. Beautiful Zanele. Distressing times can either bring out the best or the worst in us…and you are being the best at supporting your husband right now. You are strong and capable.

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