How about a fresh start?

Since my last post “Daily Planner“, I have had a lot to think about. Honestly my blogging didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Somewhere along the bridge, I lost it, I’m only human! There’s no point in wallowing in the errors of the past but it’s time to get to the glitch of things.

The only question that kept popping up in my mindful conversation was this one:

How about a fresh start?

Quitting is not an option, a fresh start sounds good. I owe myself and my readers that much at least!!

So, guys, I will be going through a revamp personally and socially as well! I promise to give you what my blog truly is all about….. “TRANSFORMATION.”

With that said.., I have some news to announce. I’m so excited to announce the start of my podcast called….yeah you guessed it… “The Transformation by Zanele Ndlovu

It is already available on different podcast platforms. Please do subscribe, thank you in advance.

google podcast



Radio Public



The first episode aired on Monday 11-05-2020.

This is all a part of my new start journey. Transformation is a process and a lot goes in during a process. Understanding how I view life will help in finding the right path to my transformation process.I’ve been working on some of my own transformation techniques and I can’t wait to share with you guys.I’m eager to know what your answer is:

Do you think about life in general?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay blessed.🌹

Zanele Ndlovu*

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