Touch Base. “Pick me up”

Modern social life has taught us to either be common or disappear.

We get caught up with what is socially acceptable and popular over who we truly and uniquely are. Today’s generation desires more social likes over self-likes. It is no longer about how I feel about myself, but how the world accepts me.

I had a pretty hard reality check myself, I must admit this quarantine days have been a time in my busy life to take a moment and reflect and touch base with who I am. Spending time alone is important so that you can at moments check yourself whether your life has you in it or some other people.

Yes your life can be more about others than yours. When all we do on a day to day basis is about the other person then it’s no longer our lives we live.

Most of my life has been about making someone else happy, validated, revived, and restored. Yeah sure it’s good to offer someone else all these things but not at the expense of emptying yourself and not ever recharging.

“you cannot give what you do not have.”

So always take time out to do some self-introspection. Reassess, realign, and refresh.

I came up with these 3 “PICK ME UP” pointers that I will be using to reassess myself occasionally whenever I take breaks to touch base with myself.


  1. What do I like to do the most?

Make a list of the things that give you the greatest pleasure when doing them. Your interests, passion, what gives you excitement and fulfillment? List them out, keep them in your notebook, or with your important notes, somewhere where they will be easily visible to you to remind you of the things that define you and the things you like to do.

  1. How often do I spend time doing these things?

Do I spend time at all doing any of the things on my list? Can I turn someone else down over doing what I want or do I overlook your interest to accommodate someone else’s interest? Group the list by priority and monitor how much time you dedicate to fulfilling the activities and passions.

  1. Does my environment give me room to do any of these things?

Do friends, and family give room to be myself and do what I like? My spouse, does he give me room to do the things that make me happy? Or does the environment suppress, bind or sabotage me. Allowing me to do only what they suggest I should do. Do the people around me support and allow me to live uniquely myself?

These are the 3 PICK ME UP pointers to help assess if we are spending time being and doing us, doing me, becoming the best unique person I am. Liking myself and what I do.

Give it a try yourself, touch base with yourself, and pick yourself up with these pointers and find realignment to who you are and express yourself uniquely.

I’d like to hear from you how they have helped you find your purpose again and opened your eyes to the type of environment around you.

I discuss much deeper about the PICK ME UP pointers on my podcast is life general part 2//pick me up subscribe Now!

Thank you for subscribing to my Podcast and connecting with me on my Socials.

Love. Z*

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