Pursuing Purpose

If we are to align ourselves with purpose, we need to bring ourselves to understanding how the world functions and the cycle of life.

It is so easy to say I have a purpose and I’m doing my own thing. But when the realities of life and the critic specialists start hitting hard, “doing you”stops, and you sob in the discomfort of negative criticism. When “doing you”, repels you from friends and peers and you lose their support, you are drawn into thinking what you are doing is not impressive, inspiring or attractive enough.

So, you give up and settle for normal in the name of “no one supports me”. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. It happens to me too. No one reads my posts, comments, shares or even give feedback. My friends don’t. My family doesn’t. So why even bother?!

But I have recently learnt the 3 critical A’s for which I am drawing myself to. These A’s are helping me navigate my purpose focusing on the 1 like, 1 comment, instead of worrying about the 1000 silent people on my friendlist.

It is paramount that if you are going to pursue something you are called to, a vision, a dream or anything you are passionate about, that you focus and grasp these A’s for your own success and peace.

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The 3 A’s are: Accept. Acknowledge. Account.

1. Accept

Accept that not everyone is going to support you or your vison. Accept that there are negative people out there whom because of their own regress and failures will want to draw you into their negativity and discourage you from pursuing your purpose. Accept this fact. Accept that you will have to ride with what you believe within yourself. No motivation. No cheering you on. But only what is inside of you.

There’s a post I wrote Not everyone will like you that stamps this up for me.

2. Acknowledge

Acknowledge that there will always be someone better than you, someone more enthusiastic, more successful, more beautiful than you. There will always be someone ahead of you and that is okay. We all need someone to look up to, someone to inspire us, motivate us. Someone who paves the way for us to see the possibilities of the journey we are in. Someone who has broken the boundaries of negativity and criticism and made it through. We need such people. Acknowledging them will help us grow in our own lane and path and keep us focused on the ladder ahead than the mess around.

3. Account

We need to take account for our mistakes, failures, success and turns. Our parents can be blamed up to a certain point in our lives, but in adulthood taking account is key, being responsible for our decisions is growth. So we need to account for every adult mess we put ourselves in. When we account for what failed we are able to give ourselves a pat on the back for what worked! That is being accountable for our lives. In failure and in success.

We will never know how good we are until we pass through the negative criticism of our purpose because that’s the stage where we can either grow or diminish.

Zanele Ndlovu

Every step forward, every level has its own demon. Each day brings its own challenges. Keep the 3 A’s in check and keep doing you!

I discuss these 3 A’s on my podcast, I appreciate you taking your time to listen. Thank you in advance.

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Much love


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