BITTER SWEET #icantbreath

Today’s post was suppose to be in line with my recent podcast titled Affirmations. But I had to withdraw it and instead share this.




This is a new era of change in American history and as a South African I am standing with every George Floyd activist. An injury to one is an injury to all.

From George Floyd’s Memorial service, Rev. Sharpton touched senses in me I didn’t think existed….

We are smarter than the under funded school you placed us in but you kept your knee on our necks” – Rev Sharpton

Let the heart grief today, but tomorrow a new era of fighting police criminal and injustice rises not only in America but all of the world, because this is not only an American pandemic, IT IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

REST IN PEACE GEORGE FLOYD, your death became life for many of us!

8minutes and 46seconds.


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