#AmINext? Gender Based Violence

Picture credit: DGMT

Am I next, a hashtag that runs in the minds of many South African women. Questioning the security of our homes, communities and neighborhoods.


Picture cred: News24

When safe is no longer a word continually declared by us women, even when wrapped around the strong, warm arms of a man who promises to love us… we wonder.., what will trigger him to turn against me? The love of his life, the mother of his children, the dream builder and companion I have chosen to be to him and still I lay on his chest, scared, worried, for me, my life, my children.

Picture cred: Daily Maverick

With lockdown, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the country has since seen a rise in domestic violence. With each level being in effect , level 3 as is currently in effect, over the past week more cases have been reported of women dieing in the hands of their loved ones. #AmInext

Video cred: Reneilwe Azania Mokgothu

In the past 2 weeks 21 women and children have been killed” – President Ramaphosa (National address, 17-06-2020)


Not forgetting the many other incidences of women against men abuse, many of which are not captured, and remain in the silent doors of society because, well, men being the perpetrators in many cases, we forget that they too can be victims.

Picture cred: Facebook

To all gender based victims, may your souls rest in peace. May justice be served. To the remaining families and friends, may God heal your hearts and give you peace. May you find courage to forgive.

To the men , who stand in solidarity with us women, saying #NotInMyName we want to trust you again. Believe in you again. Feel safe wrapped around your arms again. Love you purely again. We want to feel safe again. Help us bring our dignity back as women. Help us fight the injustice done against us.

#AmINext #NotInMyName #GBV

A tribute by women for change run to those lives lost.


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