Covid-19: At Your Service

I am called into a profession, that requires my strength to endure, to stand in the gap. To be a light in darkness.

I am called into medicine to stand as though immune but yet sacrificial. The whole world screams in uncertain times, I am required to give hope and strength.

I am unsure myself , but I give it all that I am each day to serve my comunity. I prepare for the fight, I stand right at the core of it all to help those in need. With my oath I vowed to serve the interest of humanity above that of my own.

I am called to serve my community

As health professionals:

We fight against, TB,

We fight against Ebola

We fight against HIV/AIDS

Today we fight COVID-19 and we will conquer!

Picture cred: Canva

To all frontline essential workers, my colleagues and fellow service providers may we not lose hope but continue to fight today and never rest from who we are called to be and do for the sake of all humanity.

I am a Diagnostic Radiographer, I serve with pride and confidence and I say this today: together we will survive this pandemic.

I live, to serve another day.

Radiographer in theatre


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