Peace and Pieces

Sometimes life crips up in forms of unnoticed small issues that get in between our walk with God.

Like a piece of stone lodged in our shoe, it becomes an issue that disturbs our plans for a day and when left unattended it can inflict thoughts of inadequacy and incompetence that really to be honest have nothing to do with the stone in the shoe and everything to do with me not taking the time to fix it immediately I realised it was there.

The longer we keep on trying to set our issues aside hoping to forget about them just to get through the day, the more we feel like God isn’t good, that God isn’t watching out for us or He doesn’t care.

When infact we are not confronting the issue to God but setting it aside for our strength.

Just like the stone in the shoe, we keep kicking it aside in an area that won’t require me to face up to it and actually remove it.

Until we learn to give everything the time of day for confrontation and surrender, we remain stagnant fighting the same war.

Surrender it all to God, exchange the pieces of your life for His Peace.

This post first appear Here.


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