Life’s chaos. Jesus is rest.

Life has a way of producing far more drama than a game of soccer. In soccer shouting and screaming are a way of showing the care and support of the game and the specific team.

But when life occurs, shouting and screaming don’t produce anything effective. Being stressed and vocal doesn’t really change the situation. Yes emotions are a way for us to show the shifts and changes that we go through. But have little effect in helping us get through the tough times.

Wisdom doesn’t come from life’s challenges. Wisdom comes from Jesus.
Peace doesn’t come from accepting challenges. Peace comes from Jesus.
Know Jesus, find rest.

If you do that, God will give you peace in your minds. That peace is so great that nobody can completely understand it. You will not worry or be afraid, because you belong to Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7 EASY

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