Pain for Purpose

Do you know that God has already cursed everything that tries to derail you from a path He has destined for you?

Though you may be walking and limping with a bruised heel, a bruised ego, a bruised self-esteem, a bruised confidence there is a word spoken out against your pain, against your giant, against your enemy…the enemy lost the battle the minute he came after you.

The life of Jesus is a great example of how pain led to purpose. His endurance of pain, was life to us. It was purposeful, so we can live in the Divine moments of His life, Christ Jesus. We are made whole through His bruises. Fully forgiven in Him. Have the abundance of life because He gave up His own.

But he was hurt because of us; he suffered so. Our wrongdoing wounded and crushed him. He endured the breaking that made us whole. The injuries he suffered became our healing.(Isaiah 53:5 VBT)

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